About us

The Ballarat Surgicentre Referral base is predominately around Ballarat and Western Victoria. As of 2018, our Capture profile includes: South West Victoria, The Mallee, Wimmera, North East Vic, Central Vic (Inclusive of Melbourne and Geelong), Eastern Victoria and Western Victoria.

Our Team of Specialists and highly trained Staff take pride in their work and ensure that all patients receive excellent care and service whilst visiting our facility.

Our Management Team Consists of:

  • Ms Maria Souflas – Chief Executive Officer

Email: manager@ballaratsurgicentre.com.au

  • Mrs Robyn Wall – Acting Director of Nursing


  • Mrs  Kelly Buckland – Clinical Services Manager


  • Plus Clinical and Non- Clinical Support Staff


Our Ballarat Surgicentre Quality Objectives are :
• To meet all relevant health authority requirements in both facilities and standards.
• Provide a high level of professional care to patients.
• Design, develop and maintain high standards of facilities which encompasses current and future technological advancements to achieve optimum safety and comfort for all patients and staff.
• Develop and achieve a high level of staff involvement and ensure a consumer focused team approach to all patient and doctor services.
• Maintain the best clinical standards through strategic staff recruitment, staff training, peer review and update, quality assurance programs and critical evaluation of services.
• To ensure consumers are active participants in the planning, improvement and evaluation of Ballarat Surgicentre services and programs on an ongoing basis.

Our Ballarat Surgicentre Quality Policy is:

To provide quality, safe and caring service in a friendly and professional environment. Ballarat Surgicentre will strive to continuously improve the service offered through the assessment of procedures, equipment and standards to reach best practice in service and patient care.

The following statement represents our Quality Policy. It is signed by our CEO and is displayed in the reception area and on our website.

Mission: We strive to be a leading healthcare provider and an employer of choice, supporting the needs of our growing community. Partnerships with consumers, carers and professionals provide a collaborative approach to the planning, design and evaluation of health care delivery and provide continuous service improvements.

Ballarat Surgicentre is committed to:

Planned outcomes

  • Providing the best available care to our patients.
  • Providing the best available service to our Medical Practitioners and the external medical community.
  • Provide a safe and quality health care service to our community.
  • Meet all required standards and legislative requirements.
  • Meet the needs of all other relevant interested parties.
  • Provide a dynamic, supportive environment that assists all staff to be their best.

Ballarat Surgicentre is committed continuously to comply with our Management System which is based on AS/NZS ISO 9001: 2016, the international standard for Quality Management and the National Safety and Quality Health Service standards (NSQHS).

Ballarat Surgicentre is also committed to continuously improve, through reviewing our practice, in response to established best practice via our internal systems review.

Ballarat Surgicentre has developed processes for planning to facilitate a transparent management system, which involves all team members. The outcome of our planning process is a set of objectives, which are reviewed and updated at least annually.

It is important that all team members

  • Are aware of the requirements of our management systems.
  • Identify, report, record all problems, incidents, complaints, or areas of improvements.
  • Comply with the intent and the content of our management systems

This will assist us to achieve our targets and the outcomes as identified above.

As part of our open door policy, all staff are encouraged to discuss this policy with me.

Signed by:

Maria Souflas

CEO with support from the Board of Management


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